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Grech CBG-800 Hang on Filter attachable 800 l/h 75-190 l aquarium

Grech CPA10000 Auto Cleaning Pressurised Koi Pond Filters (10000 L/H)

Grech CBG-800 Hang on Filter attachable 800 l/h 75-190 l aquarium

Quick Overview

• Aquarium hang on filter aquarium size 75-190 liters
• Integrated UV unit with 5 W UVC lamp
• Filter fleece, sponge, activated carbon, bio balls            

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SunSun CBG-800 Hang On Filter is ideal for small aquariums where a submersible filter inside would take up too much space.

This aquarium hang on filter can be used for aquariums with a water volume of 75 up to 190 liters. The pump capacity is 800 liters per hour. The water flow of the hang on-filter can be steplessly regulated and therefore be adjusted accordingly as desired. Due to a surface skimmer, any floating particles are removed from the water in advance.

The SunSun CBG-800 hang on filter with integrated UVC unit provides not only for a mechanical but also for a biological cleaning.

The mounting of the aquarium hang on filter is very easy and done within a couple of minutes.

The filter casing of the fish tank filter is simply installed on the aquarium´s side or hung onto the back of the fish tank. An adjustable spacer ensures a correct positioning. It is only the pump that is installed inside the fish tank.

Filter material:
The hang on filter is already fully equipped with filter fleece, filter sponge, active carbon and bio balls.

Filter floss - filter fleece
Filter media just like the fleece, floss or the sponges are essential parts in modern aquatics.
By means of filter floss, coarse dirt particles are absorbed. The sponges not only reduce the nitrate and purify the water from chemical contamination but also offer the ideal condition for filter bacteria to accumulate.

Activated carbon
The activated carbon is used in aquatics to bind urine and humic substances, pesticides and metabolic products and residues the like. Moreover, by use of activated carbon, the content of ozone and chloride in the water is reduced. The activated carbon is particularly well-suited for the pretreatment of tap water, turbidity caused by suspended particles and for filtering particle remains after a medication treatment.
During a medication or algae treatment you should renounce the use of activated carbon inside the filter. However, after the treatment , it is indispensable in order to remove any residual remains. The activated carbon should not remain inside the filter for an extended period of time, though. After reaching the possible capacity of absorption, there is the risk that the bound pollutants are washed out and by this way return to the water.

Of course, the aquarium hang on filter can be individually equipped, for instance with biological filter materials like zeolite or bio filter rings.
However, the correct placement of said filter materials has to be considered.
In case the filter material affects the water flow, this may lead to an overflowing of the filter.

When a new aquarium filter is acquired or after complete cleaning, it is important to make the beneficial bacteria settle again. There are special bacteria strains that are put inside the filter in order to facilitate this process.

Bio balls
Bio balls are used in aquatics not only as a mechanical but also as a biological filtration medium. They offer a large area for bacteria to settle and hold especially true for high performance filling material concerning large filter systems. In contrast to lots of other filter media, bio balls offer a practically unlimited service life which renders them a popular and favorable filtering medium especially with regard to pond filter systems, chamber filters and trickle filters.

The integrated UVC unit is definitely a highlight of the CBG-800.
The water flow inside the filter makes the water first pass by the UVC clarifier. Due to this UV lamp (power: 5 W), any harmful algae, bacteria and germs are destroyed and the growth of algae remains under control.
Normally, the UVC aquarium clarifier provides for clear water within a few days. The aquarium outer filter combines UV radiation with a biological aquarium filter. By means of a flow reactor, the water is irradiated by the UVC clarifier. UVC clarifier change the tertiary and quaternary structures of the algae proteins. This means the destruction of the algae. The algae clump into larger particles and so can easily be removed from the water circulation by the mechanical filtration in the filter media.

The UVC unit can be switched on and off as required.    


Dimensions Glass thickness up to 23 mm
Inlet pipe length variable between 70 - 240 mm
UVC-power 5 Watt
cable length 1.6m
Filter Details Aktivkohle
Aquarium Size 75 - 190 l

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GO Aquarium Sunsun
Colour No

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  1. Quality is good review by Shyla S on 30/06/2020

    I thought is may be cheap and plastic but when it arrived the build was good. Works well

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